Thursday, June 21, 2012

Any Questions??????

Hbr 1:8    But of the Son he says, "Your throne, O God, is forever and ever, the scepter of uprightness is the scepter of your kingdom. ESV (Ps 45:6,7)


Now all I have to say about people who say that Jesus is not God is..."Duh!" I mean, really? "But of the Son he says, 'Your throne, O God...". Now does this God-breathed verse really mean "But of the Son he say Your throne O God..." or doesn't it? Does this verse equate Jesus with being God or am I just dreaming? Could it mean something else? Could there be some way to get around the Deity of Jesus in this verse? Or should we just take it as it reads and admit that the Son is called God? If there was a question before this verse when Jesus is called Heir, Creator, the exact representation of His nature, the radiance of His glory, upholds all things by His powerful word, worthy of worship, this verse should dispel any questions.


And just to put an exclamation point on this truth that Jesus is God, the writer of Hebrews says that His throne, His rule, His authority represented by a scepter, is forever and ever. Why is this an exclamation point? Because it is telling us that Jesus will reign for all eternity. He is eternal and His dominion is eternal. Now that sounds a lot like God, doesn't it? (In fact as I continue to read, this eternal exclamation point is emphasized two more times in verses 11 and 12.)


As I think about this, I think about the name of God in the Old Testament: Jehovah. The name: Jehovah means "existing One". Eternal One. Forever One. Who shares this name? Who shares this eternality? The Son of God.


And how will Jesus reign forever? What will He be like and what will His kingdom be like? Upright. This is not talking about His physical position. This is talking about righteousness. Jesus will forever do what is right and holy and pure and true as He rules in His eternal kingdom. Oh to see truth in a kingdom. Oh to see purity in a governmental system. Oh to see righteousness reign. Jesus, the Son of God, God Himself will bring this about.


All I can say is: "Your kingdom come, Your will be done an earth as it is in heaven...".



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