Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Explanation

Gen 31:16b " then, whatever God has said to you, do it."

After twenty years of working for Laban, Jacob got pretty rich. Rachael and Leah and all of his kids surrounded him and the great bulk of the flock was his, and Laban saw this and got an attitude. He treated Jacob differently and Jacob saw the handwriting on the wall. Things had changed. No longer was it a congenial relationship between father in law and son in law. Now Laban was jealous. As a result, Jacob talked to his wives and pointed out to them that their Dad was acting differently. He also explained to them a dream that he had where God told him that it was time to go. It was time to go home to his father, Isaac. I love his wives' response. They realized that their Dad had basically abandoned them and they told Jacob: "…now then, whatever God has said to you, do it." What a great response from a wife (a couple of wives in this case). It is a trusting response. It is a believing response. It is a trust in both their husband as well as the God who directed him. Even though these women had grown up here, even though this is all that these women knew, even though the journey may be hard and it would challenge them as well as their kids, they still said: "Whatever God has said to you, do it."

This is a challenging response for any spouse. If a husband said to his wife: "Hon, I am convinced that this is the step we need to take right now and this is how God has lead." I wonder what the response would be if it took them out of their comfort zone? If it totally changed everything that they ever knew?

The point for me, however, may not be the response. The point may be the explanation. Jacob just did not just go to these women and say: "Hey, I think we should do this because I have a gut feeling." No. Jacob had solid justification. He pointed out to his wives the atmosphere of what was happening around them. (v5) He showed them that this would not put them in poverty, but rather that all of their needs would be met. (this is huge for a woman). (v9) And he gave them the direct revelation from God. (v11) As the one who is responsible for the ultimate direction of our home, I have to communicate with my wife in this way. If I do, then trust will be established and I will probably hear: "…now then, whatever God has said to you, do it."


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