Monday, January 30, 2012


Ez 12:25 "For I am the LORD; I will speak the word that I will speak, and it will be performed. It will no longer be delayed, but in your days, O rebellious house, I will speak the word and perform it, declares the Lord GOD." ESV


Credibility. As I think about that word, I think about my job. I think about my clients. I think about me. I know that it is a lot easier to win a case if my client is honest…if my client is believable. If I have someone who comes into a hearing and all the facts line up just the way that I think that they should, but my client hems and haws and contradicts what they say, I really have no chance. I had what I thought was a perfect case one time where I had video footage that proved a certain fact. It didn't matter. My client changed her story and it killed her case.


Then I think about me. I know that my reputation is key. If hearing officers and judges know that I am honest and that I am not going to try to pull something on them, I have a greater chance of success. If I have facts that are against me, I say it. If I have evidence that can kill me, I reveal it. This does two things. It establishes my credibility and it takes the weapon out of the hands of the opponent.


And this verse brings me to God. God is credible. God is honest. God is true. What He says goes. What He promises He will do. There is no wavering with God. No hemming and hawing on His part. No changed stories. He starts immediately with a fact: "I am the LORD". Why would He say that first? Because there is authority there. There is automatic credibility there. In fact, He really should not have to say anything else. He could leave it at that and we know that there is truth. But He doesn't leave it there. He expands on it and goes on to say: "I will speak the word that I will speak". In other words: What I say you can take to the bank. There is no stuttering. There is no hesitation. My word is my bond. And if you are wondering "and it will be performed". "I will do it…it will be accomplished." And just in case you didn't get it: "I will speak the word and perform it" and once again "declares…(who?) the LORD God".


There is no one truer. There is no one more credible. What God says will happen. So when He promises eternal life to those who believe…done. When He says He will answer prayer…done. When He says His word will not return empty…done. When He says what you sow you will reap…done. When He says your sin will find you out…done. All His statements are true. All the more reason to get in the word. All the more reason to find and declare His promises.


God is credible…you can count on it.

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