Friday, March 2, 2012

Eat Up!

Ps 23:5a "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies," ESV 


This verse has always kind of intrigued me. How are these two things connected: A prepared table and enemies?


First look at what God did for David. He prepared a table before him. What this literally means is that God arranged a table, God set the table for David to look at. And it wasn't only David who was looking at was also his enemies. God set David's table for him so he could see it and so that it was conspicuously in front of those who were hostile to him.


This is kind of weird. When you think of a table, you think of a table full of good food. I know that I enjoy eating. When a nice table is set and there are all kinds of great food on it, I am ready to go. The thing is, I lose my appetite when I am under stress. I am not really hungry when people get down on me. God is telling David..."Hey, don't fret. You have a bunch of people who are against you. Don't lose your appetite. Eat up. I have everything under control. Your enemies are going to see that you have all that you need because I am doing this in front of them."


The truth is that is how our Shepherd is. He provides all that we need in the face of adversity, and others will sit up and take notice. Let's face it. Things are not always easy. In fact, if you go through this life without ruffling someone's feathers you probably are not accomplishing a whole lot. David was a leader and he stirred up all kinds of people. People hated him. They were after him and he knew it. He didn't get all bent out of shape...he knew his Shepherd would provide all that he needed. And he knew that in doing so, that it would be a declaration to all of his enemies that God was taking care of him.


What am I facing? Or better yet, who am I facing? It really does not matter because the Lord is my Shepherd and He will give me all that I need to remain strong and sustained in the battle.



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